Our team of trained professionals can handle your logistical needs across all routes.

Domestic & International Transport

We offer delivery services domestically and internationally by air, sea and road. Depending on your location and product requirements, our team of experts will give you the best possible solution and timeline to safely and securely deliver your merchandise. 


Warehousing & Storage

Our partnering bonded warehouse contains dry, cool and frozen storage spaces covering all product categories. Conveniently located in Ba Ria (Vung Tau), it is within minutes from one of the largest maritime hub, Cai Mep, in the Southern region of Vietnam. 


Customs Handling

With over two decades of experience, we know the ins and outs of customs handling procedures and trade documentations. Whether you will be exporting or importing, our team of knowledgeable experts will be there along the way. 


One of the first within the field, we always aim for service excellency and quality. We specialize in all supply categories to source and deliver only the best of its kind.    

Food & Beverages

Pick and choose from our local farmhouse and wholesaler selection of fresh produce, meat, dairy, canned and dry items. We offer a broad range of selection to cater to your specific needs.


Ship Store

The delicate works of engine reparation and maintenance requires precision. Our inhouse experts on ship store products are well versed in ISSA and IMPA coding to help you procure the exact item with ease. 


Hotel Store

We understand the upkeep of luxury standards and comfort for 5 star cruises. Which is why, specialty and made-to-order items are offered along with other necessary hotel amenities for your convenience.  


Product Sourcing & Trading

With years of trading and networking with local suppliers in our hands, we can cater to all your requirements and needs.  

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